Congresses in
Mondsee castle

Large-scale congresses can be organized in addition to the numerous smaller-scale seminars and conferences which take place at the Hotel Schloss Mondsee.


Large ballroom/meeting room
The ballroom is suitable for large-scale events, such as a conference, an exhibition or for large banquets.

Banquet 340 people
Parliament 280 people
Cinema 500 people

L/W/H in meters 26,5/14/4, 5, 1st floor
Natural light, hardwood floors

Stage 8.4 m wide x 4.35 m high
Proscenium possible 4 m x 9 m
Tribune possible with 12 floors

Sound and lighting assembly 

Portico II
The porticoes I + II are great for all kinds of exhibitions, such as car presentations and for weddings and banquets.

Banquet 200 people
Parliament 80 people
Cinema 140 people

L/W/H in meters 23/15/7, ground floor
Natural light, tiled floor
Cars can access this room 

Portico I
The portico I is wonderful for all types of exhibitions, such as a car presentation and receptions.

Banquet 200 people

L/W/H in meters 31/11/4, ground floor
Natural light, tiled floor
passable by car

Small hall
The small hall is suitable for seminars, meetings, receptions and presentations.

Banquet 100 people
Parliament 50 people
Cinema 120 people

L/W/H in meters 13/8,2/4, 1st floor
Natural light, hardwood floors